The Help Desk is a universally important location at every residency. 从入住到退房, staff are available to answer all of your way-finding, 运输, 住宿和餐饮问题. They also provide technical support to all of the residency workshops and events, 以及设置和重新设置. In Vermont, Help Desk staff are available 24/7 during the residency. They are the command center for any logistics concerns, up to and including a campus emergency. Help Desk staff work closely with the 学生生活 staff to support faculty and students throughout the residency.

The Help Desk is also the location of the campus store supplied with health aids, 无香味洗衣皂, books authored by Goddard faculty and an array of 皇冠游戏官网 gear. 位于社区中心, 服务台离餐厅很近, 居民社区公告栏, 电脑室和学生休息室. In addition the Help Desk Manager coordinates all residency housing requests. To make a specific request please contact us through email:


The demands of the residency experience create a difficult environment for dependents and caregivers alike. 皇冠游戏中心官方网站不提供儿童/成人护理.  Students should be aware that the College locations do not supply equipment such as cribs or high-chairs. If it is impossible for a student to attend a residency without bringing their dependent child or adult, Goddard要求如下:

  • Students intending to bring a dependent to a residency must contact the 社区生活助理院长 at least 30 days prior to the start of the residency to receive permission and convey their plans.  The 社区生活助理院长 will provide the paperwork that the student will need to complete.  Students bringing dependents need to communicate their plans each residency.
  • Each student bringing a dependent must provide an adult aide for the entire residency. 学生不能共享助手. Aides are expected to abide by the College’s 社区生活 Agreements.
  • Students are responsible for the room and board fees for their dependent and their aide.
  • The attendance of children ages 13-17 at the residency must receive prior approval from the 社区生活助理院长.
  • Students with dependents must commit to full attendance and participation during the residency.
  • Dependents are not allowed to attend advising sessions and academic workshops without permission from the Program Director in consultation with  faculty.

If you have questions about the financial costs of bringing dependents to residencies contact Student Accounts, 802-322-1627,

For all other questions regarding dependents at residencies contact the Help Desk at 802-322-1666 or

For permission to bring 13 – 17 year olds to the residency, contact 社区生活助理院长.


It is imperative that the fire lanes be kept clear in case of emergencies and to allow access for the maintenance vehicles, 送货及回收车. 只允许在指定区域内停车. Parking next to dorms and meeting spaces is allowed only for the purposes of loading and unloading. Students with disabilities can request an on-campus accessible parking permit and/or make other needed arrangements through the 无障碍和残疾支持办公室. Students with an accessible parking permit should only use designated accessible parking spaces.


All visitors to Goddard campuses are expected to follow the COVID-19 vaccine mandate and be prepared to show proof of vaccination upon arrival.

Non-students are not permitted to stay overnight on campus during the residencies, except in cases of aides to persons with disabilities, 或毕业嘉宾(每位学生一人). In these cases, a housing and meals fee will be charged and guests must register at the Help Desk.

Campus visitors  must leash their pets when walking them on the college grounds. Animals whose ownership cannot be determined will be removed. While service animals are allowed on campus, student should contact the 无障碍和残疾支持办公室 for more information regarding access and expectations.


任何种类的武器,包括枪支, 校园里不允许携带刀具, except in cases where the College requests assistance from law enforcement personnel who may be required by law to wear a weapon. 在这种情况下, the officer would continue to wear a weapon in providing the requested assistance on campus. Students who violate this policy may be administratively withdrawn from the College. Any community member having knowledge of a violation of this campus policy is required to report the problem immediately to a 学生生活 staff member, 服务台人员或校园安全人员.


Campus security and facilities personnel are responsible for securing buildings at night and ensuring that no unauthorized persons are using the College’s facilities and grounds. Unauthorized persons on the grounds or in the College facilities should be reported, 在白天, 到服务台, 在夜里, 到安全部门或帮助台. Unauthorized persons found by, or reported to, Security will be asked to leave the premises. College personnel are authorized to call the State Police if they believe they need assistance.


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